Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are over, things might be a little quieter around your salon. Those quiet days give everyone a chance to recharge and get ready to provide exceptional customer service but they also mean you and your team members aren’t making as much money. In comes Valentine’s Day!

Guys and gals alike want to look their best for Valentine’s Day so take that knowledge and run with it. You can use some of the same marketing ideas that you ran around the previous holidays to promote Valentine’s Day, with a few tweaks. In addition to repurposing those marketing tactics, why not try some of the ones we mention below?

Create couples packages.

Does your salon offer massages or other spa services that couples could enjoy together? Create a couples spa package that might include a couples massage, pedicures, facials, and haircuts so the couple leaves with a new look, feeling refreshed, and ready to enjoy each other’s company on Valentine’s Day.

Spread the love all month long.

Offer incentive and give something to those who have an appointment in the month of February. You could offer them $5 off their visit or something of low cost to you but high perceived value to them such as a mini-manicure, a free brow shaping, or free deep conditioning treatment. The choice is yours, just make it something that the client will appreciate.

Use up those leftover Christmas gifts.

Have extra gift sets or bundles left over from Christmas? Now is the perfect time to use them! Make sure there are no telltale signs of Christmas on there and then put them on display as giftable ideas. You could remind your clients that it’s okay to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day and explain what a good value those bundles are. Having giftables for each gender, or that are gender neutral, will help you sell the idea to all of your clients, not just some.

Show your clients some love with chocolate.

As your client is checking out, offer them a piece of chocolate to enjoy at the end of their visit. Have a bowl of heart shaped Dove® chocolates or Valentine Hershey Kisses at the reception desk. Each chocolate could have a tiny dot at the bottom, in varying colors. The dot would correspond with a prize that could be redeemed at their next appointment. For example:

  • Blue dot = scalp massage
  • Red dot = deep conditioning treatment
  • Green dot = color change on nails
  • Yellow dot = free sample product
  • Purple dot = $5 off next visit

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to thank your clients for patronizing your salon and to let them feel loved and appreciated by you. With thought out marketing tactics, your pocketbook could be shown some love, too!

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