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Tips for Thicker, Fuller Hair

Do you feel like your hair used to be thick, full, and voluminous but now it’s on the thinner side and you can’t seem to bounce it back to what it used to be? If you feel that way, know you are not alone! Many men and women...

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Stop Sweatin’ It

If you are someone who has natural hair and likes to sweat it out at the gym, you might have wondered if your sweat is taking a toll on your hair. Guess what? It is! We’ve been trained to think that washing your hair daily is...

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Natural Hair Must-Haves

Whether you are transitioning to natural hair or already have it, a girl needs to know what she needs in her beauty bag to tackle those beautiful, God-given curls. Making sure you have the best products and tools for your hair...

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DIY Avocado Hair Mask

Let’s face it, as pretty as the winter months can be, the harsh, cold air can do some serious damage to your hair. On frigid days, we typically have the thermostat cranked up, keeping us nice and toasty inside. That dry, hot air...

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