Did you know one simple act can increase your bookings with each client 2-3 times per year? What’s that simple act that you can start today to help fill your books? REBOOKINGS! Rebookings assist in client retention and are vital to your business as a salon professional. When you have someone book their next appointment at the end of their salon visit, you not only help fill your future books, but you boost your revenue, reduce how frequent you have to do the tedious task of acquiring new clients, and you increase your existing client’s frequencies of visits.

There are a few simple things you can start doing today that will get your clients locked in to their future salon appointments so let’s get going!

It all starts with YOU.

tips on reeboksRegardless of how much you beg, plead, and haggle with someone, they WILL NOT frequent your business if they do not like the service they receive. You have to anticipate their expectations, and then exceed them. Clients should feel welcomed, appreciated, valued, and understood. Make sure they are comfortable at your salon by offering refreshments, showing them where the restrooms are and where to hang their coat. Make sure they feel at home when they are there. Read their signals once they get in your chair. Some people love to chat and fill you in on what’s going on with themselves while others are there to enjoy the peace and tranquility while they pamper themselves.

Start the rebook during their visit, not at the end.

Think about how a typical salon appointment goes. You do the cut/color/etc and then when you are done, the client is grabbing their belongings, usually quickly foraging for your tip in their purse, and then you walk them to the receptionist to check out. It’s a hurried time where people tend to get flustered because their mind is wandering to what’s next on their list and trying to clear the way so you can prep for your next appointment. That busy, absent-minded time is not when you should bring up the concept of booking their next appointment.

Now, think about the time when you are styling their hair…this is a much quieter time when the client is excited about their new look and is eager to hear what styling tips you have to offer. This is the ideal time to bring up that they should return in 4 weeks for a trim and X amount of weeks for a color. Let them know that by coming in at that time, they will keep their look fresh and their hair at its best. After you have mentioned that, continue on giving them their styling tips and promote the various products that would work well when caring for their hair at home.

If this is your client’s first appointment with you, let them know the benefits of scheduling their next appointment that day. Mention that they will have better luck choosing the date/time that works best for their schedule. Also, remind them that healthy hair is maintained hair. It’s hard to keep up the health of your hair if it’s full of split ends and brittle strands. Finally, should there be a holiday approaching or a time of the year when you are extremely busy, let them know ahead of time. Warn them that you will be closing due to an upcoming holiday or that you are really busy at that particular time of the year and an appointment may be hard to come by as the time gets closer.

Close the deal at the receptionist’s desk.

As you approach the receptionist’s desk, say to both your coworker and the client that you mentioned it would be best for the client to return in X amount of weeks for X service(s). The receptionist should be trained to take it from there. Your receptionist’s wording will be important from here on out. Make sure that she knows to confirm what date you suggested that the client return by saying:

“As (insert your name here) discussed, she would like to see you back in X amount of weeks. That puts us at the week of (insert week). Is there a day and time that week that works best for you?”

salon rebook

The receptionist could also simply pick a date during that week and ask if morning, afternoon, or evening works better for an appointment and then offer what time slots are still available. Wording is crucial to the rebook. If done smoothly, the rebook will happen in a flawless manner. The client should be reminded that the appointment isn’t set in stone. Should something arise where they need to cancel or rebook the appointment, that it is ok and to give your salon a call. This lets them know that they haven’t signed their life away and they have peace of mind knowing they can move the appointment should the need arise.

When the time approaches, give a courtesy reminder.

Once you start rebooking your clients, it would be in your best interest to give a courtesy reminder. If you have the system in place, this can be with a call, email, text, or postcard. This ensures that the client didn’t forget about the appointment (since it was booked weeks or months in advance) and allows you the comfort in knowing that you won’t have holes in your books that need to be filled.

Rebooking your clients is like putting money in the bank. It becomes a habit quickly and you will notice that your client’s are becoming regulars and are most likely even referring your business to friends and family!

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