Now that you are on social media and are using that platform to market your product or services, has it hit you just how competitive that marketing space is? It can be very overwhelming trying to get your piece of the pie and effectively market your business on these social media platforms but its well worth it once you find your groove.

One of the major things you will want to do once you hit the ground is to focus on your engagement. The more your posts get engagement, or interaction from people, the more that post will be seen. This happens because the social media gods think hey, this post must be worth showing because it got people reacting and sharing. That’s exactly what you want. If you can get that organically by posting some amazing content, even better!

There are some tricks to increasing your engagement and organic reach before you start shelling out some dollars to bring people in so let’s delve into those, shall we?

  1. Show them you’ve got what they want…and make them feel they can only get it from you.

    When people feel that they can only get the information they need from you, you’ve got them. When you position yourself as the expert in your field, they’ll come to you and only trust your advice and guidance. Use that to your advantage and offer free advice and tips on your social media pages. Share new insights that perhaps they haven’t heard before. Give your unique spin or take on a problem they are facing. When they feel that you’ve got the answers they need, they’ll keep coming back to you.

  2. Talk to your customers and let them know you’re listening.

    Social media is the perfect platform to be a little more informal and relatable with your customers. When responding to their questions, make it feel like you are having a conversation with them in person instead of being stiff and textbook-like. This type of communication reminds them that there is a person behind the brand and takes your relationship to the next level.

  3. Showcase any volunteer work or good you do for the community.

    Again, take this as an opportunity to be relatable to your customers. Sharing pictures or stories about volunteer work that your business has done helps show your softer side and lets them see that you aren’t just concerned about your bottom line.

  4. Ask questions and respond to their answers.

    Are you short on things to post on social media? Pose a question to your followers and then interact with them when they respond. That creates a dialogue and gets people talking. Even though this is an area where you can be less formal and friendlier, keep in mind that you are still representing your business so watch what views you express and keep your posts industry related.

Need some help managing your social media pages? Reach out to us and let’s see if we can work together!