You may have noticed that different types and textures of hair have different hair needs. Some hair needs natural oils to keep it at its healthiest and best while other hair looks like a greasy nightmare when it has too much oil. For those on the latter end of the spectrum, excessive oil can be a daily struggle and you might not even realize that your daily habits may be contributing to your problem. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken once you have some knowledge of what the culprits are and take actions to change your ways. Let’s take a look into some of the top reasons why your routine may be causing your greasy hair.

You’re not cleansing and conditioning properly.

Are you shampooing and conditioning your hair daily? That’s a big no-no! You probably think that shampooing your hair is ridding it of the natural oils that are produced but in actuality, you are telling your body to create more oils to replace the ones that have just been stripped away. Try to stretch your shampooing to every 2 or 3 days. It might seem weird in the beginning, but you’ll thank us later! How about conditioning? Is your conditioner super heavy and weighing down your hair? Try switching to a lighter conditioner, such as our Silky Conditioner and see how your hair changes for the better. Also, make sure you aren’t applying conditioner to the roots of your hair. Conditioning only the ends of your hair will avoid greasy product buildup at the roots.

You’re touching and brushing too much.

Constant manipulation of your hair whether it is by frequent brushing or playing with your hair can signal to your scalp to create too much oil. Try to resist the urge to play with your hair so that the oils from your fingertips don’t transfer to your hair. If you feel the need to detangle your hair throughout the day, try brushing the hair from mid-shaft down to the ends. This will avoid that contact with the scalp which leads to extra oil creation. While we’re on the subject of hair brushing, make sure that your hair brush is clean from hair and product buildup. Both of those things can make hair look greasy.

Pay close attention to your use of products.

Are you sure you’re using the right products for your hair type? Products are specific to different types of hair because different types and textures need different things. Some may need a product that adds oil, while if you are someone who doesn’t need that and you use the product anyways, it can weigh your hair down and make you look greasy. Make sure to rid your hair of product buildup by giving your hair a good cleanse every other week. Using a clarifying shampoo will strip those unwanted remnants of product off of your hair and will help remove any oil buildup.

Looking to switch up your hair care routine and incorporate some new products that are just right for your hair type? Come take a look and see all of the wonderful products we have to offer! There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!