Ahhhh, the crisp, cool fall air has settled in. Pumpkin spice everything surrounds us and people have broken out there cozy fall sweaters. While the leaves are starting to turn colors and fall, your salon business doesn’t need to plummet during these months before the holiday rush!

Fall can often be a time of the year where there’s a dip in salon business. Clients are trying to stretch their looks and wait until the holidays to come in to freshen up. Don’t let this time get your down because with a few tricks under your belt, business can stay booming when every other salon may be struggling.

Don’t cut your pricing.

Often times, when a business is struggling their first thought is, “If I slash prices, business will really boom because no one can resist a good deal!” While it’s true, that cut in price will certainly bring you in business, it will also bring in more problems than what it’s worth. Have you ever bought something that you love on sale and then the next time you went to bought it the sale price was over and you felt like you were getting ripped off? The same thought process applies here. If your clients think they can pay $20 for a haircut when you normally charge $38, when the price returns to normal, they’ll be left with a bad taste in their mouth. You may actually end up losing clients over this debacle.

Instead of cutting prices, why not add something of value to the client? If you are slow with business, chances are others that work in your salon are also slow. Why not join forces and offer various value added things for the client? These items could range from a free mini-manicure with every pedicure, a free deep conditioning treatment with a color, etc. This way the client still feels like they are getting a great deal but you will come out ahead in the long run.

Run seasonal promotions.

Seasonal promotions are the easiest to run because the season provides you with new material to use for your ads. Urge clients to come in during the fall for a hair treatment to get their hair shiny, healthy, and repaired from all that summer damage. Chlorine and the sun take a real toll on hair and it can be left with a lot of damage once the summer has come to an end. Offer great value added, seasonal promotions to draw clients in.

Always watch your fine print.

Almost every offer known to man kind has fine print. This fine print can make or break you. You should specify the offer expiration date, and any other terms and conditions. Does the offer need to be redeemed only on certain days of the week (typically slower days where you are less booked)? Can the offer only be used on one stylist? If you are ever giving away a free product or sample product, be sure to include the size on the voucher. That way you aren’t being held to giving away a full-sized product if you were hoping to give away sample sizes.

Fall can be a busy time of the year for salons if you know how to market those months. In December business will be booming again but hopefully you can bring in some business during the months prior. If you need help bringing business into your chairs, give us a call. We help businesses just like yours every day and we’d love to help you too!