Facebook Marketing Ideas for December

December is one of the most, if not the most, important money making months for your salon. Knowing this, it’s crucial that you use all of your marketing platforms to promote your business and your seasonal offerings to generate additional holiday cashflow, and that includes utilizing your social media pages such as Facebook to market to your target audience.

When the salon is busy, as it will be in the months of November and December, it can be too overwhelming to dream up your own marketing campaign or promotions that you want to run. Let us take some of that guesswork out for you! Read on for some Facebook marketing ideas or if you would prefer someone else take over your page and manage it, get in touch with us here because we can help do that, too!

Update your cover photo.

Do you have your salon all decked out for the holidays? Why not try taking a captivating photo of your bustling salon all done up with holiday cheer? If you don’t feel that you can capture the essence of the festive nature of your salon, hire a professional photographer to snap a few pictures for you. It will be money well spent. Once you get the perfect pic, update your Facebook cover photo. This is a quick way to let clients know something great is happening at your place.

Post your holiday hours.

Have your hours extended to accommodate everyone’s needs around the holidays? Are there days you are closed or have shorter hours due to the holidays? Sharing your holiday hours makes for a great, informative post and take a moment to mention that people may want to book ASAP because your appointment book is filling up rapidly.

Have fun with a holiday theme.

Use some of your holiday favorites as a foundation of some promotions. These promotions could be spun off of old Christmas classic movies, songs, books, etc. Put a spin on the “12 Days of Christmas” by sharing a new hair tip every day. What about the lines, “You better watch out, you better not cry”? Share stories from your hairdressers or makeup artists about holidays hair/nail disasters and how they were able to fix them or how the client can try to remedy their hair/makeup/nails at home.

Fill last minute openings.

Did one of your salon personnel get a cancellation at the last minute? Share that on Facebook! You may have clients who are dying to get in but can’t due to your books being full. They’ll often jump at the chance to get in for a quick haircut or color. You can even run a discount if no one hurried up to fill the opening.

Share “before and afters.”

A picture if worth a thousand words so two is worth…you get the idea! Ask some of your clients if you can take “before and after” pictures of their hair, makeup, or nails and share the transformation on social media. The pictures speak volumes and they are a great way to show off how talented your team is.

Promote gift ideas.

Everyone is looking for things to gift loved ones this holiday season so make sure people think of your business as well! Showcasing various gift baskets that you have for sale or mentioning that you sell gift cards can reap big rewards.

Schedule posts.

Listen, the holidays are super hectic for everyone so do what you can to ease your workload. Facebook has a feature where you can schedule future posts. If you have images and promotions in mind and at the ready, schedule ahead! Then, you can take comfort in the fact that as you are working or enjoying holiday festivities, your target audience is still hearing from you on social media and your marketing is still hard at work. It would be crazy not to take advantage of this feature, especially during the month of December!

What have you done that brought in revenue during the holidays? Leave us a comment below and let us know!