Now that the holidays are around the corner, business everywhere is picking up and we want that to ring true for your salon, too! It’s great to have a plan going into the holiday season about how and where you’ll market and what promotions you’ll run. You want to keep in mind that you don’t want to lose a ton of money during a promotional time – this is a time you want to increase your bottom line! However, careless or poorly thought out promotions can actually cost you money (i.e. giving away something of too high of value or not factoring in all costs associated with running a promotion). Let’s make this holiday one for the books by utilizing a few of these helpful marketing tips.

Gift cards! Get your gift cards here!

Selling gift cards can bring in big dollars around the holidays. Make sure that people know that you offer gift cards by having signage or an eye-catching display. You may even want to include a free $5 gift card for every $50 in gift cards purchased to entice people to buy in larger denominations. Remind people that they can check some people off of their list in a jiffy by purchasing gift cards for their loved ones. Offering a unique gift card holder or cute little gift card box will seal the deal for some people. Make sure to promote your gift cards in various marketing efforts such as on your social media accounts, on your website, in newsletters, and in emails.

Use social media as the marketing giant that it is.

These days everyone and their brother are on social media. Marketing on these media platforms has skyrocketed so make sure to join the band wagon. You can use this platform to run holiday specific ads, promote specials that are going on during the holiday season, and showcase your talented staff by sharing pictures of their work.

Line up your promotions.

So, it’s clear that you will be running promotions to draw in some business this holiday season but what will they be? Take some time to brainstorm and craft promotions that you think will have a positive response from your clientele. You are the one who knows them best and what makes them tick so plan accordingly then stick to the plan. Once you’ve crafted your promos, make sure to promote them on every marketing avenue so that you are hitting the most of your target market as possible.

The holidays are the perfect time to give a much welcomed boost to your salons bottom line so don’t pass up this cheerful, exciting time. With an increased flow of business, your stylists and staff can become overwhelmed so keep in mind that it would be wise to have things in place for your employees to relieve some stress, too. When they are excited and not stressed about this business, they do their best work and provide the best customer experience.

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