How many of you are still wiped out from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? The holidays bring about a big increase in sales, full books, and also a drained staff! While you might be mentally ready for a break after all that craziness, it’s the perfect time to keep your momentum going and ring in the New Year with a new marketing outlook. Keep your salons revenue high by implementing these ideas:

Keep the promotions running into January and February.

We realize you just got off of the promotional band wagon, but it makes sense to offer sales or promotions into the New Year. Take note of your slower days and your stylists that have openings and talk to them to come up with some promotions that will drum up business and keep your sales up. Instead of slashing prices on your services, why not take the angle of adding value? Adding value doesn’t leave you short on cash flow like discounting services does so it makes added value promotions easier to run.

Start promoting in December.

It’s best to let your clientele know of the upcoming discount ahead of time so they can plan and book an appointment. Touch base with your clients letting them know of the upcoming promotions via social media pages, email, texts, or stamped correspondence. Make sure to add in a nice “thank you” for their patronage. This shows appreciation towards your clients, drives brand loyalty, and makes them feel valued. You could even say that they have access to the upcoming promotion as a thank you for being a valued client. Saying “thank you” goes a long way.

Continue to sell gift cards.

Often times, people think that gift cards are only necessary around the holidays, but that is not the case. Make sure people know that you are still offering gift cards for purchase and you could tie a promotion to the cards as well. Why not offer a gift card promotion such as:

Buy one $50 gift card; get a bonus $15 gift card for use at a future date.

People like getting something for free, plus it will get them back to your salon multiple times since the bonus gift card would only be available for use on specified future dates of your choosing. The other positives about gift card sales are 1.) A fraction of people will forget they have a gift card and never redeem it, therefore the cash earned by the gift card is straight profit; 2.) People tend to spend more than their gift card value so you’ll earn additional sales when they come back to redeem the gift card.

January and February can be slow months in salons. By adding in a few enticing promotions, your sales don’t have to lag way behind the months of November and December. Have you run any New Years promotions? What were your results in years past? Leave us a comment below and share your story with us and our community.