Protecting Your Natural Hair this WinterThe winter can bring cold, harsh, windy weather and while we don’t mind snuggling by a fireplace or nestling in with a good book and warm cup of cocoa, these frigid temperatures can do some serious damage to those of us that have natural hair. The cold air drains any moisture that you had in your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Then, the heat from the furnace causes breakage, frizz, and split ends. What’s a girl to do!? Put some of these tips we mention below to good use this winter and see the awesome difference it makes for your hair!

Style your hair for the long haul.

No, no, no…we’re not saying you have to get your hair done once and leave it in knots or braids for the entire winter but you do want to try to style your hair so that you aren’t washing it several times every week. If you’re able to, choose a style that can stay in for a week at a time, eliminating the need for multiple washings and dryings throughout the week. Plus, these long-wearing styles will act as a protector for your hair, preventing breakage and protecting your delicate strands from the cold temps and strong winds. Make sure when you are putting your hair into the protective style that you thoroughly hydrate each strand. You don’t want your hair to dry out during the week and suffer from breakage.

Stay hydrated.

Not only does water do the body good and keep it hydrated, but it will do the same for your hair. When it’s constantly losing moisture from the elements, replenish it from the inside out by keeping up on your water intake.

Pay attention to what oils you use on your hair.

If you apply an oil at some point in your hair routine, make sure you switch it up for these colder months. If you typically use something like coconut oil that stays solid at room temperature, now’s the time to ditch it and go with something else that stays a liquid. No one wants their curls to freeze over thanks to the coconut oil turning back into a solid when it’s exposed to cold temperatures! Our All-Natural Treatment Oil is a favorite for our client’s with natural hair (plus it smells amazing!).

Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment.

Everyone loves to be pampered so why not use these cold months to add a relaxing treatment to your hair routine? Adding in a deep conditioning treatment will boost the moisture level in your hair and is a fantastic thing to do once a week. Our Vanilla Deep Treatment works great if left on the hair for 5-7 minutes up to two times per week or you can get an even deeper conditioning by placing a plastic cap on your hair after you’ve applied the conditioner and wrapping the cap with a warm towel. Let the heat work with the treatment, deeply conditioning the hair for 15-20 minutes then rinse.

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