It’s your first day in a new salon. They are showing you around, acclimating you to your new work environment, introducing you to your fellow employees, and then….they stress the importance of retail! They remind you how important it is that you retail to every client. A lot of stylists dread selling product, but do you know why so much focus is put on these sales? Let’s take a little glimpse and shed some light on the matter…

Retail SellingTop Reasons Why Retail is So Crucial to Salons Everywhere:

  • The profit margins for retail are astronomically higher than the margins with salon services. Every time a retail product is sold at a salon, their bottom line goes up and the salon is growing. A growing salon is a good thing because it gives you some security!
  • Did your client come in with a hair problem? Of course they did! That’s why they are sitting in your chair. Start your appointment with a consultation and listen to their concerns, problems, and needs. Showcase various products throughout the visit that would help fix their problems and meet their needs. When you use amazing products on their hair, they see in real time what it can do and the product is essentially selling itself.
  • Are you aware that selling a product does much more than temporarily boost your bottom line? A client who buys retail at a salon is more likely to return for their subsequent hair needs. In fact, client retention increases for that client by 30% every time they buy retail. Isn’t that amazing?

Are you with me now? It’s so easy to see why retailing is important to salons everywhere and why it should be important to you too! Would you like help with additional techniques used in client retention? How about finding new ways to bring clients into your chair? We are here for you and can show you the way! Simply take 1 minute to fill out this form so we know you are interested and we’ll be in touch real soon!