If you are someone who has natural hair and likes to sweat it out at the gym, you might have wondered if your sweat is taking a toll on your hair. Guess what? It is! We’ve been trained to think that washing your hair daily is harsh on your hair, but you can’t just sit back and do nothing or that sweat will start damaging the locks you are working so hard to grow out or maintain.

We all know there are major benefits to sweating. Not only is it a sign that you are getting in a great workout, but it’s your body’s natural defense at ridding your body of toxins and cooling it down as you exercise. I know what you’re thinking: yeah, yeah, that’s all fine and well but what about the damage it’s doing to my hair? Sweat contains salt, and salt and natural hair aren’t always compatible. Actually, if the sweat is left to sit on your hair and scalp, it will cause dryness.

There is good news! You can halt these harsh reactions by taking a few simple steps to protect your hair.

Control the Sweat

Now, you can’t totally control how much you sweat, but you can try to reduce the amount or wick it away. If you are looking to absorb sweat, try wearing an absorbent head wrap or headband that will help wick the sweat off of your scalp and hair. If you are not into wearing something like that while exercising, try using a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will absorb sweat and keep it from settling in on your hair and scalp. In addition to those things, think about how much water you are consuming. Making sure you stay hydrated before, during, and post workout will help you stay cool and will tell your body not to sweat as much.

Wear a Protective Style

How you wear your hair will also impact how much you sweat. If you are looking to reduce the amount of sweat you produce, wear your hair in a protective style such as a bun or twists. These styles will help you stay cool, therefore making you sweat less.

Quick Rinse and Condition

We know that natural hair doesn’t respond well to daily shampoo’s so what’s a girl to do? After your workout, you should always make sure to rinse your hair, lightly condition, and then rinse again. A great leave-in conditioner, such as Leave-In Protein, will work wonderful as well but should not be rinsed out. Be gentle with what you use to dry your hair as terry cloth towels can be too harsh on natural hair and cause frizzing and breakage. A t-shirt works great and is easy to carry in your gym bag.

What ways do you protect your hair while exercising? Leave us a comment below and let us know!