As the temperatures dip, you may notice that your hair isn’t as luxurious and silky as it was just a few short months ago. The right products and right hair care routine for the winter months can make all the difference in the world. Try adjusting your routine to include some of the tips we discuss below and your hair will be shiny, moisturized, and healthy in a snap!

Be picky with your products.

The right products are going to make or break your hair this winter. Make sure you choose paraben-free products that are loaded with conditioning agents. Products like our Bio-Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner work really well to hydrate and then seal in the moisture.

Shampoo less, Condition more.

Try your hardest to shampoo every two-three days for optimal hair health. Frequent or daily shampooing rids your hair and scalp of oils it needs to stay moisturized during these dry winter months. If you absolutely cannot stand the idea of skipping a day, try using dry shampoo instead. It’s a great alternative on your “off” days. When it comes to conditioner, make sure you are using one that gives powerful hydration to every strand of your hair. For an extra boost, try using a conditioning treatment once a week, like our Vanilla Bean Deep Treatment. It infuses moisture deep into each strand, making your hair healthy from the inside-out.

Combat static.

Static can wreck the look of even the healthiest of hair so make sure you use products that can fight it to keep your hair looking amazing. We offer a few products that will help eliminate that pesky static electricity from your hair. We suggest trying Diamond Drops or Amplifying Foam to receive optimal styling benefits plus the added bonus of static elimination.

Keep up with your hair cuts.

Keeping your hair cut every 4-6 weeks not only keeps you looking your best but it helps eliminate split ends. Split ends make the ends of your hair look fried and dried. Keeping them at bay will make your hair feel and look healthy and maintained so don’t put off your salon appointments.

Reduce your heat tool use and protect your hair.

We realize it’s not totally realistic to expect someone to completely stop using their hot styling tools but if you can reduce their use even a little bit, it can lead to big results! Before you use a heat styling tool, be sure to at least spritz your hair with a thermal styling protectant spray. It acts as a shield for each strand of hair, reducing the damage caused by the styling tools.

Keep these tips in mind and the cold months don’t have to do a total number on your beautiful hair. Make sure to put your hat on too as you head out the door because it does offer some protection against the elements. Looking for more great tips and tricks? Head over and “like” our Facebook page today!